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"As material for the construction of our building, I pledge the agility of my hands, the ability of my mind, and the integrity of my heart."  


If you are interested in joining a committee, email us at NAWICNashville@gmail.com! 


This committee is responsible for reviewing the financial information from the previous year and verifying accuracy and completeness. 

Committee Members: 2-3 

Time Dedication: Six hours

Block Kids Building Program 

This program is sponsored on a chapter-level. It is available to students in grades 1-6. Each year, kids participate in building a project out of interlocking blocks, a rock, a piece of string, and aluminum foil. Again, the winner can move to regional and national recognition. It is a great way to stimulate the creative imagination of a child and plant the seed for a career in construction. Our chapter specifically makes it more enjoyable by having construction equipment onsite and also having “Bob the Builder” there as well.

Committee Members: 6-8 

Time Dedication: Three one-hour meetings and a full Saturday

Civic/Community Relations

Plans and oversees chapter activities in the community with setting up ways that the chapter can give back.

Committee Members: 6 

Time Dedication: Two-three hours monthly


The Treasurer informs the membership of all financial matters that affect NAWIC, as well as maintains the financial records. All expenses must be accounted for and monthly financial reports prepared. The financial reports are reviewed and approved and an annual audit is performed.

Committee Member: Treasurer

Time Dedication: Two-three hours monthly


The Marketing Committee works to actively promote the events and activities in the chapter throughout the year. We build community awareness about our chapter, the NAWIC organization, our regular and ongoing activities, and community support. We develop and distribute content through print and electronic marketing materials, banners, social media content, press releases, and chapter activities. Our focus is to expand our efforts to bridge recruiting and awareness efforts and use tools to further women in construction.

The marketing committee chair will keep the chapter website updated with the latest events and news, while publishing information on social media to raise awareness for NAWIC.

If you have a social media account, project management skills, creative ideas, or writing talent, you will be a great addition to our group!

Committee Members: 6-8 

Time Dedication: Two-three hours per week 


This committee is responsible for finding ways to increase NAWIC membership numbers and receives new member updates from the national office. They introduce and initiate new members. They make certain each new member has an updated handbook with information about NAWIC and schedule orientation to welcome new members and familiarize them with NAWIC procedures.

Coordinates with WIC Leaders to maintain interest in the chapter and encourage all members to renew their memberships. Contacts members when they become inactive to see if there is insight which can be used as a tool to figure out why some members do not stay active. 

Committee Members: 6-8 

Time Dedication: 1-2 hours per week


Per bylaws, nominate board members for them to be giving to the members by May meeting and voted on by June meeting.

Committee Members: 3 

Time Dedication: One meeting in February and March; two meetings in April; 12 hours in May, conduct voting at membership meeting in June

Professional Development & Education 

Promotes NAWIC Education Scholarship Fundraising among the chapter members. Informs and educates members of regional and national NEF news. Initiates educational opportunities for the chapter like seminars, workshops, and various. Develops programs and projects to educate NAWIC members about construction industry and to promote professional and personal growth of members with such things as tours, speakers, and seminars.

Committee Members: 4-6 

Time Dedication: Meet once a month (approximately five hours) and more during a fundraiser


The purpose of this committee is to provide members with an awareness of safety and health issues both personally and professionally. This committee monitors national information sources and reports on safety and health activities to the membership. Maintaining relationships with other organizations involved in and concerned with safety and health issues aides in the gathering and distributing of safety information 

Committee Members: 3-4 

Time Dedication: Six hours annually and manages two membership meetings a year

Women in Construction (WIC) Week 

WIC Week is a week-long event that begins on the 1st Sunday in March. It is a week full of activities focused on getting our name out to the industry and the community and bring awareness of Women in Construction. This committee is responsible for coordinating WIC Week activities and making sure NAWIC is in the public eye this week. 

Committee Members:  8 

Time Dedication:  Two meetings in January, two in February, and all activities the week of WIC week in March

P.O Box 22246
Nashville, TN 37202

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