Membership/Marketing Committee

The chair for this committee is responsible for finding ways to increase NAWIC membership numbers and receives new member updates from the national office. She introduces and initiates new members. She makes certain that each new member has an updated handbook with information about NAWIC. She also is responsible for scheduling orientations to welcome new members and familiarize them with NAWIC procedures.

Coordinates with WIC Leaders to maintain interest in the chapter and encourage all members to renew their memberships. Contacts members when they become inactive to see if there is insight which can be used as a tool to figure out why some members do not stay active. She continues a consistent relationship with all members so that numbers do not decrease.

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Communication Committee

Coordinates information received from members, other chapters, National officers and prints the information for the members to share. Each month copies are mailed to sponsors, regional chapter president and the National office.

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Professional Development & Education

Promotes NAWIC Education Scholarship Fundraising among the chapter members. Informs and educates members of regional and national NEF news. Initiates educational opportunities for the chapter like seminars, workshops, and various. Develops programs and projects to educate NAWIC members about construction industry and to promote professional and personal growth of members with such things as tours, speakers, and seminars.

If you are interested in joining the PD & D committee, contact Kaylah.

Block Kids Building Program

This program is sponsored on a chapter-level. It is available to students in grades 1-6. Each year, kids participate in building a project out of interlocking blocks, a rock, a piece of string, and aluminum foil. Again, the winner can move to regional and national recognition. It is a great way to stimulate the creative imagination of a child and plant the seed for a career in construction. Our chapter specifically makes it more enjoyable by having construction equipment onsite and also having “Bob the Builder” there as well.

If you are interested in joining the Block Kids committee, contact Tiffany.

Women in Construction (WIC) Week

Plans activities to celebrate National “Women in Construction” week. The focus is to spotlight women in the construction industry and for members to reach out and give back to their communities.

If you are interested in joining the WIC Week committee, contact Nichole.

Civic/Community Relations

Plans and oversees chapter activities in the community with setting up ways that the chapter can give back.

If you are interested in joining the civic/community committee, contact Rochelle.

Finance Committee

The Treasurer informs the membership of all financial matters that affect NAWIC, as well as maintains the financial records. All expenses must be accounted for and monthly financial reports prepared. The financial reports are reviewed and approved and an annual audit is performed.

Current Board Members: Tiffany Collins, Angie Thurman, Rochelle Pritt, Nichole Collyard, Marian Henderson, Rachael Treadway, Brandy George, Jessica Cline, and Barbie Phillips

Nominating Committee

Per bylaws, nominate board members for them to be giving to the members by May meeting and voted on by June meeting.

If you are interested in joining the audit committee, contact Nichole.

Audit Committee

Performs yearly review of chapter treasurer reports.

If you are interested in joining the audit committee, contact Ruth.

Awards Committee

This committee recognizes the attributes of our members and awards them.

If you are interested in joining the awards committee, contact Ruth.