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President's Message

Hello Tiffany,

And just like that, we are in the second month of 2024! Where did January go? For me, it was spent catching up from Christmas travels, recovering from the flu, attending NAWIC Nashville planning meetings for WIC Week/April Forum, networking, and formulating a plan for the rest of the year for my company, C&R Services. I feel accomplished and am looking forward to the next 11 months.

In our January lunch meeting, we discussed how to use AI Boldly with nearly 60 women in attendance. There were great questions asked, and we received lots of follow-up emails to our presenter, proving that this is still a hot topic. We also hosted two Zoom meetings: one to review contracts and another for our NAWIC 101 session, aimed at new members and prospects.

The next few months will be just as fast-paced as January, unless you plan accordingly. If you need help with calendar management, let's meet to review! We have a busy March and April ahead, with WIC Week and Forum. Please register for these events as soon as possible, as they will fill up quickly.

As a reminder, there will be NO membership lunch meetings in March or April - we hope to see you all at WIC Week events and April Forum!

Your TO-DO list:

  • Sign up for WIC WEEK events
  • Learn the "box technique" of breathing
  • Sign up for Forum
  • Invite ONE woman to a future meeting (goal of 150 members by October 1st)

Tiffany Wondrow, President

Nashville#16 2023-2024                               

Questions? Comments? Email me!



Committee Updates

Professional Development and Education:

We have reached out to colleges and technical schools to promote our scholarship program with NFSF. If you would like to help by getting the word out or donate to the scholarship fund, please forward the link below or fill it out to apply:

Apply for Scholarship

Women in Construction (WIC) Week:

Our site is live! Please click below to go directly to our website with all of the amazing events and details! We look forward to celebrating OUR week together. 

WIC Week Link


Membership is very affordable. There are four levels you can choose. If you don't know which one you fall under, please email Andrea at award@ikonconstruction.com:


Active Member is $270 = employed 20 hours or more in construction industry

Corporate Member is $361 = company owned membership as it stays with the company if you leave to be transferred

Associate Member is $286 = employed 20 hours or less in construction industry

Student Member is $25 = enrolled in construction related programs via college, vocational training, or apprenticeship

Link to Membership Application



New member/prospect video:

If you missed the January 25th zoom and would like to know more about our chapter, scan this link with your phone.

Thank you - Andrea Ward
Marketing Chair



Katherine Dixon

Raegan Dickey

Lori Hanning

Baylee Miller

Carlye Jean Merry

Ashley Vega



Register Here

If you haven't checked out the new national website lately, please take a minute to check it out. Lots of great information, events, and contacts!





"By building trust, engaging, and collaborating enhances organizational success and builds competitive advantages. Learning how to tailor ways of optimizing applications of organizational talent and navigating complex relationships and partnerships. This leadership conversation will discuss strategies for engaging and collaborating with stakeholders and how a deliberate and thoughtful approach can enhance strategic and project outcomes while developing skills critical to project leadership & success."

LuAnn Piccard, PMP, professor and chair of the Project Management Department at the University of Alaska Anchorage, is passionate about developing next-generation project management leaders and professionals seeking to enhance and expand career opportunities through professional development and higher education.



1) Have a Plan

2) Ping Your Location

3) Tools for Self-Defense

4) Create Boundaries

5) Power Up

What does this mean? You will have to go to the link to find out (smiley face):

Link to Website


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