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"As material for the construction of our building, I pledge the agility of my hands, the ability of my mind, and the integrity of my heart."  

November 2019 Newsletter


NAWIC | Luncheon - Jobsite Tour

NAWIC | Fall Safety Program

NAWIC | Christmas Party

NAWIC | Luncheon - Conflict Resolution

NAWIC | New Member Orientation & Social Event

Rebecca Wood 11/4

Mary Craven 11/15 

Chelsea Antici 11/19

Meghan Lewis 11/23 

Happy NAWIC Anniversary!

Callie Copeland Upquhart-3 years

Denise Hudgens-1 year


Congratulations to Ashley Spence for getting her

CBT Certification! WAY TO GO!! 


Click below for Donation/Entry Tickets. Please contact

Andrea Ward for Sponsorships! 

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 Spa Day Sponsor

Spa Day - Session 1 Massage

Spa Day - Session 1 Facial

Spa Day - Session 2 Massage

Spa Day - Session 2 Facial

Spa Day - Session 3 Massage

Spa Day - Session 3 Facial

Spa Day - Session 4 Massage

Spa Day - Session 4 Facial


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